***Totally Stoked!!***

Show off your prints.
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Re: ***Totally Stoked!!***

Postby Archerm » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:42 pm

I am using the same oven I have used for 30years. It has been rewired twice. It is a 110v 12x12x10 chamber oven. I believe Satellite still makes it. I do have the bottom covered with 4 perforated ceramic panels . I do have a exhaust fan system that comes on during the burnout. Nothing fancy no magic mythical procedure. Stiil doing the same curing technique. Overnight in a simple homemade can curing device or using my ?Quantis? curing lamps. Cure over night. Next morning Microwave in distilled water for 3 cycles on high for 3 minutes per cycle.
Investing at 36/100 plasticast. Let set in the oven after investment for a minimum of 8 hours before burnout. Burnout still the same. Ramp straight up to 800* in a 3-4 hour period. Then ramp straight up to 1375*-1400* the next 2-3 hours and hold for 1 hour min. Bring back down to casting temp hold for 2 hours then cast. Nothing fancy or secret about it.
Yes still using the Emerald resin because I have had zero issues with it. I am not much on change if something works!! :mrgreen:
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Re: ***Totally Stoked!!***

Postby Jewelermdt » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:42 am

Lots of us are having great results with the Soluswax pro. You would be able to cut out the curing time. I cure my prints for 36 min mostly. Have done as little as 18. Just so i can handle it better. Cast fantastic. You ought to get the sample bottle and try it.
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Re: ***Totally Stoked!!***

Postby M-Williams » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:47 am

What type of casting are you using? Thanks.

Archerm wrote::mrgreen: Been super busy since my last postings. Thought l would share a few of the many prints since the last post. Enjoy20181212_155624.jpg
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Re: ***Totally Stoked!!***

Postby sochin » Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:06 pm

Archerm wrote:Yes still using the Emerald resin because I have had zero issues with it. I am not much on change if something works!! :mrgreen:

I am like that as well. If B9 had not shut down the sale of their resins in Australia by a 3rd party I would still be casting B9 Cherry. Unable to buy B9 resins locally anymore I switched to the SolusWax Pro.

I bought some Emerald years ago but found the results the same as Cherry for me so went back to the Cherry.

Solus Wax Pro prints a little slower than the B9 Cherry but I never post cure it at all. I just dry it, tree it up. invest in gypsum investment, leave stand for 90 minutes, ramp as fast as I can to 800, hold to suit and then cast. Casts really well.

But like I said .....I only changed because I had to. At least you know there is a really easy option if you ever have to or decide to change. Your work looks excellent.

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Re: ***Totally Stoked!!***

Postby rsaldivar » Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:31 pm

I too dont cure anymore , straight to tree after its grown

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