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Re: solus wax burnout

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:13 pm
by rsaldivar
oh , and longer than 4 hours if doing more than Two 2.5 flask with 2 rings in ea. , with ea. rings to weigh about 4 grams ea. in 14k (so that means a total of 8 grams of 14k gold , for a total of 16 grams for 2 flask )

or more time if doing large and heavy pises per flask , ( if ring will weigh 10 grams ea. ) needs more time in oven , when there is more resin, more resin needs more time to be dissolved or disintegrated .

of course you will have to experiment to see how much to push it in your particular case but I think this should work for most people.

Re: solus wax burnout

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 2:03 am
by rsaldivar
keep in mind slower ramp doesn't mean better results , from about 600 to 1300 the ash is disintegrating , the goal is to minimize that part of the burnout ,to have less risk or chances of ash forming, so you want that time to be shortened , that's why a fast burnout is ideal with this resin , then after that you want the investment to cure proper and harden to prepare for the melted gold , that's why you want more time in the oven if there is more resin to disintegrate,more than the parameters I set forth in my previous post .

if this helps anyone , God Bless

if not , keep doing what you're doing , you can't argue with good results .

Re: solus wax burnout

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:04 am
by Juar75
I really appreciate your tips, great info!!!
definitely I have to try to do the straight ramp. I also saves time and the planet ;)

Thanks again for share your experience!!


Re: solus wax burnout

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:59 am
by Mikkopee
How big you kilns are?
Mine takes about 4-5h to ramp 20c to 730c..

Re: solus wax burnout

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:35 pm
by rsaldivar
I have a neycraft oven