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Junction3d Pro Support plan

Postby mongerdesigns » Tue May 31, 2016 4:15 pm

Standard Support - included

Every Solus 3d printer includes excellent support via Email and via our Community Forum.
Even if your machine is out of warranty, we will still help you via email, any time you have printer issue or a question. We answer all support inquiries usually within 24 - 48 hours.
Our Community Forum is full of expert Solus users who are always eager to help.
Standard support is completely free and included with a purchase of a Solus.

Introducing the Junction3d Pro Support plan.

Junction3d Pro Support - $449/Year - optional

For business users who need additional piece of mind, extremely fast service and support with minimal downtime, we offer our Pro Support package that can be purchased with your machine, or later on.

The Pro Support package include the following:

    Setup Help and Training - we can schedule a 2 hour online training session, and help you with the setup of the machine, calibration and show you ins-and-out of the software and the printing process.

    Priority Email Support - Fast priority email responses to any of your inquires, usually within 1-2 hours during business hours. Whether you need help with supporting a specific file, have questions about any aspects of the software, hardware, or need advice on how to get better prints, we are here for you.

    Phone Support - for those high-priority situations when you need to talk to us, you can schedule a phone call and get help as soon as possible. (Scheduled calls only. Monthly phone limits apply. Phone support is not available with the Standard Support package).

    Skype Support - scheduled Skype video/audio calls. Useful for diagnosing issues via video, chat support, screen sharing etc.

    Remote Access Help - we will connect to your PC remotely and diagnose/fix any issues promptly.

    Emergency Printing - if your printer is down for some reason, we will print your models for you while we fix the issue. If you machine is down, you get up to 2 free prints per month (shipping not included). Additional printing services can be provided for a very low price.

    In-house Repair - if you would rather have us handle the repairs to your machine, you can send your machine in and we will not charge you for any of the labor. (Shipping not included).
*Pro Support from Junction3d is only available for customers who purchased their Solus from Junction3d.

To purchase, click here http://www.junction3d.com/buy/pro-support
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