can someone with casting experience help me out?

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can someone with casting experience help me out?

Postby manakawari » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:26 pm

so iv been having trouble vulcanizing solus proto( the results are not great as the high heat and pressure effect the finish and cause warping)...the attempted molds are for spin casting of zinc and pewter..we have a caster right next door to us and hes really the only option here in manhattan.

he refuses to use anything other than natural rubber so low temp silicones or RTV is not an option.

this has me wanting to experiment with doing some of these jobs in house myself and so I have built a mini spin casting machine.

so far so good but rather than use silicone, im thinking that I would like to create 2 part round molds made of plaster to spin for short runs of pewter, zinc and other metals.

I made a mold form and cast my first plaster mold using standard hardware store plaster of worked well , spins well and casts well with the exception of bubbles in the plaster... I tried to vacuum degas the plaster prior to casting and that seemed to actually cause more bubbles.

Is there a different plaster that I should be using? id like something that cures hard, as the intended use is multi use 2 part like something that can pick up very fine detail and produce a decent finish and something that doesn't take forever to cure since these will be 2 part molds so I will need to cure one half and then pour and cure the second half so the curing time shouldn't be too long and most of all, id like the material to be able to be degassed successfully..any ideas? thanks

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