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Re: Casting resins cherry, emerald

Postby sochin » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:01 pm

smokepl wrote:I been looking all over around for paraffin oil with flash point around 150C and I was able to find only with 117 and 124C flash point. Anyway new microwave is on its way as well as paraffin oil(124C). I will be measuring temperature very closely until will get used to it. I will keep extinguisher near by just in case. Does anyone of you know paraffin oil with better flash point than the one I am getting? Thank you

Hi Smokepl,

The variations are more than likely because there are several ways to test for the flash point and that will give varying temperatures. The Flash point (Closed cup) for the parrafin I am using when I checked is 210c. I must have decided years ago to set my maximum temperature way below that at 150c.

I know nothing about Soluscast and this thread is about B9 resins which I have been using for years with great success in Satincast and Omega+. Go slowly and check the temperature, then record and stick to a process that you know will not take you over whatever temp limit you set.

Try whatever methods you want but remember even after the curing process, investment and casting setup can make a cast of a print fail and it is impossible for every one to have the same setup. You need to find what works best for your prints, oven and casting setup. Good luck. Once people start shouting I am out. All the best

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